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What is Life Coaching?
Life coaching is directed towards moving forward, facilitating change, improving one self and delivering results.  As your coach, I am taught to get the best from you, help you discover your own best answers, tap into your own internal motivation, get you in touch with what matters most, and encourage you to feel great about taking action.  I will also adds energy to the process and your life by my own enthusiasm, by the tools I have learned to use and the belief I have in you and what you can accomplish.

Is Life Coaching for me?

Life coaching is something that can be very beneficial to anyone at different stages of their lives.  Life coaching should be considered an investment in your future.  Just like how we invest in ourselves everyday - whether it is on our hair to make us look better or at the gym to make us healthier, life coaching can also play a key role in helping us feel better both mentally and physically.   An investment in Life Coaching today can pay dividends for many years, or even decades, to come.

Given that you visited this website suggests something in your life could benefit from Life Coaching.  Something inside of you is acknowledging the need for a little help to get you back on track to better things or to help you navigate a change in your life. 

When I work with a new client I like to establish what your objectives are with the coaching relationship.  Honestly establishing what you want and what is important to you helps establish expectations on both sides.   We then examine what may be impeding you from achieving this objective.  Finally we discuss what you would feel is a goal that you would like to meet and if possible, set a timeframe for that goal.

What is appropriate to talk about in a Life Coaching session?
Some people will want to focus just on the issue at hand, for example, finding a career, improving a relationship, etc..   However, coaching recognizes that you one aspect of your life usually impacts another!  Your whole life is a system.  How are you expected to make a good decision about your career future if your home environment is negatively affecting you?  How can someone improve on their relationship if they are constantly stressed out about money?   As a life coach I will dive into whatever aspect of your life you feel comfortable talking about - noting that in some cases, it may take time to build a trust to talk about certain things.  The topic of discussion is ultimately up to you; however, as your coach I will encourage you to consider your whole life.  And again, if anything is off limits, just let me know.  Usually you will set the ground rules early in your sessions.

How long must I commit to working with a Life Coach?

You are under no obligation to commit to a minimum number of sessions; however, on average, most people find coaching more beneficial the longer they participate, but that also depends on the complexity of the issues being discussed.  For more information, feel free to contact me and ask to take advantage of the free 30 minute phone consultation offer.  Also, consider a longer term commitment for a per session price reduction.  Prices are found in the "Rates" section of this site.

Why is Life Coaching so popular?

People are tired of doing what they "should" do and are ready to do something special and meaningful for the rest of their lives.  Problem is, many can't see it, or if they can, they can't see a way to re-orient their life around it.   A life coach can help them do both.

People are realizing how simple it can be to accomplish something that several years ago might have felt out of reach or like a pipedream.   A life coach is not a miracle worker but a life coach does have a large tool kit to help.  Fortunately, people now have time, resources and knowledge to invest in themselves in this kind of personal growth.

Why does Life Coaching produce rapid results?

Life coaching works for several reasons:

A life coach is someone who is not part of your daily life and therefore is easier to talk to.  A life coach does not judge.  Synergy between the life coach and client creates momentum and enthusiasm.   Better goals are set -- ones that naturally motivate the client.  The client develops new skills, which lead to greater success.

Coaching provides a structure of support.   Left to our own devices, most people start out with the best intentions and then hit a snag and either get derailed completely or delayed for a long time.   As a Certified Life Coach, I can help you quickly overcome snags and inevitable road blocks in life so that more is accomplished with less struggle and less effort in a remarkably short period of time.

Objectivity. Your coach is an objective, positive supporter. Not everyone is lucky enough to have such a friend or colleague to provide this. If you’ve been doing it solo, try seeing how much more you can accomplish with your own personal coach!

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