Christine Russo

Certified Life Coach

Life Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Welcome.  Thank you for your interest in Life Coaching for Entrepreneurs.

For many business owners, challenges or situations in our work environment often takes over our life outside our work.  After all, when you own a business, do you really ever clock out?   When things are going great with a business or venture, often the same can be said about life outside the business.  Similarly, when things are not going so great in a business, it often puts a negative strain on our personal lives.    Coaching is an effective tool in a business owner's arsenal for success.  Life Coaching for Entrepreneurs helps business owners navigate through the various challenges inherent to owning a business and together create a platform for which you, the expert in your field, can formulate effective strategies to handle them.  Rather than problem solving and planning our way out of it, coaching works to explore and breakdown issues to manageable sizes and setting goals for themselves.  We will work together to identify what one wants from a situation, where do they see themselves on the other side of this challenge and who they have to be in order to get there. 

If you are interested in discussing what brought you here, please contact me.  I would be happy to discuss  how Life Coaching for Entrepreneurs can help you.

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