Christine Russo

Certified Life Coach

Life Coaching for Couples

Welcome.  Thank you for your interest in Life Coaching for couples.

Having problems in your relationship and think it's easier to just separate?  That may be the solution; however, life being divorced has its own challenges.  Have you truly made an effort to get your relationship  back on track to a place where you and your partner are a team?  Is your relationship truly unrepairable?  

You owe it to yourself to carefully consider your options.  Many of us have not truly thought through what life would be without our partner - either in a good way or a not so good way.   When we are at a difficult time in our relationship, it is difficult to look at the positive things.  It is difficult to remember the times  we were happy and enjoyed each other's company.  So often we focus on the negative.  We need to remind ourselves to stop and take a breath and look at what you want out of your relationship and what are the areas that you need to focus on to get back on track to having that passion again.

Couples coaching follows a similar process to individual coaching. The early phases of our work together are usually centered around AWARENESS.   With unbiased support from your coach, the client becomes aware of their current life situation and their relationship to that situation.  Working together we often reveal unique wisdom and guidance from the heart and we arrive at an honest realization of what is working and what needs to be changed.

Coaching is useful only if real change takes place.  It is rare that only one partner requires to do all the changing and it is important for both parties to acknowledge that.   Both partners must be willing to make an effort to change together and part of that process requires listening to what your partner is saying and how your relationship impacts them.

In our coaching sessions, I will ask you to focus on areas of your relationship that need to be worked on and  discuss with the both of you what you think is working well and what you feel needs to be changed.   You may find that listening to what is important to your partner and what they feel is working well and what needs to be changed will give you insight into the challenges you are experiening.  After we have discussed this, we will develop a goal that you both want to achieve.  From that you will both come up with your own steps on how you will achieve this goal.  

The most powerful relationships are those that enable individual growth journeys with full understanding and support of each partner; not judging but supporting each other with all our ups and downs.  Never giving up on each other when life is tough but working through challenges that life throws at us and picking each other up when the other is down.  It is about working as a team to live a life full of love and happiness.  

Couples coaching offers new perspectives and positive options. Coaching provides you with new strategies and tools for overcoming challenges.  I will work with  couple to define clear goals for the work to be undertaken, allowing a diverse range of changes to be supported.

I also offer life coaching specifically for men or women separately.

If you are interested in hiring a Life Coach, call me today.  I would be happy to discuss my services and answer all of your questions.​