Life Coaching for those in their Forties

Welcome.  Thank you for your interest in Life Coaching for those in their forties.

Life in our 40s is a time when we continue to build on our roots.  For many of us, we have established our career and our family.  We now reflect on the choices we have made and ask ourselves is there something in my life that I want to change?   Am I fulfilled or is something missing?  Am I at the point in my life that I thought I would be 10 or even 20 years ago?    ​You may be living your life based on what others want or expect.  Maybe you are feeling disconnected with yourself, have low self-confidence, feeling stressed or perhaps have a fear of making some tough choices at this point in your life.  Now is the time to ask yourself what you want  for your future.  What does a better life look like to you?   

Perhaps you are on the fence about making a change.  Are you considering a career change,  or maybe a relationship change?  Thinking it through is important and a life coach can help you channel those thoughts.   I will guide you through the steps to outline the pros and cons of a decision to help you establish your goal. 

In this stage in our life it is easier to remain in the safety of our comfort-zone. We choose to ignore  the aspects of ourselves that are urging us to make changes.​  What if we were to take some risk where we experience new things that can have an impact on bettering our life?  Taking that leap could open doors which could allow you to live happier. 

A quote from the Dalai Lama resonates with many of us at this stage of our life: "...sacrifice your health in order to make money. Then you sacrifice money to recuperate your health. Then you are so anxious about the future that you don't enjoy the present: the result being that you do not live in the present or the future; you live as if you are never going to die, and then you die having never really lived."

... It shouldn't be that way!

Unhappiness is life's cue to embark on a new path.  With my help, we can discover that path.  Over a number of sessions, we can work together to identify opportunities for change, explore those opportunities and deploy a solid plan to get you there.

Now is the time to discover your true self, design your perfect future and confidently change for the better.   Contact me today...We can discuss my approach and the many ways that I can help you get on your path to a better YOU.

Certified Life Coach

Christine Russo