Christine Russo

Certified Life Coach

Life Coaching for those in their Twenties

Welcome.  Thank you for your interest in Life Coaching for those in their twenties.  

Working with men and women in their twenties is something I get passionate about.  It is an exciting phase of your life.  No other phase in someone's life presents so many opportunities for life skills coaching, including getting your perfect career off the ground, finding your soul mate and discovering what you are here for. 

To sum it up, it is about finding the confidence in yourself to be YOU!

What you can offer this world is totally unique.  So often people in their twenties lack the confidence to be themselves, submitting themselves to peer pressure and cultural expectations to be "normal".  It is not surprising many young people are lost and confused.

The first step is to get in touch with YOUR uniqueness.  Are you ready to be the true YOU?

Once you recognize that YOU are in charge of your own life, you will feel free and become passionate about life's opportunities.  You will have the confidence to make the changes you need to excel.  Without confidence, you risk becoming a victim to choosing a path guided by fear and boundaries.  A path guided by fear and boundaries may limit you from pursuing your passion.  To overcome that, you must understand that no one can take charge of your life but YOU.

What career should I choose?   Which partner is right for me?    Your generation has so many choices on  how to live your life and how to earn a living.   Unlike the past where it was standard for an individual to enter a career in their 20's and retire in the same place of employment 45 years later, that is not typical today.  Changing jobs a number of times in one's lifetime is the norm.  Taking a year off after school to travel is not frowned upon.  Living life is about creating the path towards the life that YOU really want!

Life coaching can help align your true values and life's purpose to the fullest potential.   Whether it is a relationship challenge, career challenge or something else in your life that may be presenting an obstacle, I would be privileged to work with you to create a path towards the life that you desire, and more importantly, the life that you deserve.

Contact me today...I would be happy to answer all of your questions and explain how Life Coaching can help you.